Tuesday 31st January 2017





Finally, on my third visit to Myanmar (Burma), I got to see the Golden Rock. It was after sunset, following a full moon, in the height of the pilgrimage season, and the candles had been lit by devotees to create this unworldly spectacle. Buddhist tradition believes that the balancing rock is held in place by the hair of the Buddha.






Wednesday 5th October 2016




A bizarre job for the Daily Mirror on Monday – but the moment I set eyes on the subject, I knew it was going to work.
At only eight weeks old, baby Junior Noon has the most amazing head of hair.
It was handy having the sunshine as a strong backlight and Chelsea (his mum) and Junior gave me all the cooperation I could wish for.

Chelsea happened to mention the need to blow dry Junior’s hair after washing it, and I realised it would make a better video than stills,
so I shot a 20 second clip on my iPhone which has since been seen all around the world.

Contact Daily Mirror Syndication to use this picture.


Dave H.



Saturday 13th February 2016





This is the poster I designed for my upcoming photo exhibition at the Oxmarket Centre Of Arts, in Chichester, West Sussex. Opening day is Tues 16th Feb until 28th February. Closed on Mondays. Admission free. Apart from the usual steam railway images, mainly from China, there will be a selection from a recent trip to Ladakh and Rajasthan in India. Come along, if you’re in the area.




Dave H








Friday 6th November 2015





The Daily Mirror asked me to try for a picture of the David Cameron effigy being burned at the Lewes bonfire night celebrations. With there being half a dozen fire sites around the town, and the Cameron effigy burning being shrouded in secrecy, it was all a bit hit or miss. However, I made it to the right location, in time to capture an explosive end to the giant figure. At 10.30pm, sadly it only made the last edition of the paper.




Dave H.




Sunday 25th October 2015





I wanted to arrive in Ladakh by road, and that meant making the two day drive over the Manali-Leh Highway. Four or five passes to negotiate, a couple over 18,000 feet altitude. Needless to say, the scenery was spectacular. It was late in the season to be travelling, but we just made it by about a week before they closed the road for the entire winter.



Dave H.



Tuesday 6th October 2015





Halloween awaits! The pumpkins have been picked and are awaiting shipment to retail outlets. The lines of potential masks and lanterns were seen on a farm near Midhurst in West Sussex.
I’m away travelling at present but I gather a picture from the set was used in the Guardian and The Times.



Dave H




Monday 28th September 2015






Wilson, a name to look out for. A Daily Mail commission to photo young Callum Wilson, currently enjoying success as a goal scorer at Bournemouth F.C. And he’s not superstitious!




Dave H.





Monday 14th September 2015






I was commissioned by perfume company Boadicea the Victorious to take photographs at the Goodwood Revival meeting in West Sussex, and was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the visitors, dressing in 50s and 60s outfits for the event. And this ‘pop-up’ filling station was just one of the period pieces on show.




Dave H.



Monday 7th September 2015






One from the archives – I particularly liked this portrait from my trip to Eritrea at the end of last year. This man was working the hand brake on a carriage on the rickety Eritrean railway. His concentration is evident, as well it might be – as he has nothing but sky beyond him, as his train descends a precipitous section of the line which runs from the capital Asmara, down to the Red Sea port of Massawa.


Dave H.








Saturday 6th June 2015






For this months village magazine cover, I decided to feature the annual Thai festival organised by the local pub. The landlady is a Thai national and proceeds of the event go towards the Mudita Trust, a charity aimed at preventing child prostitution in Thailand.




Dave H







Friday 10th April 2015







‘Selfie Queens’ – recently wandering around Clug-Napoca in Romania and chanced on these pixel princesses committing themselves to digital history.


Dave H.






Monday 16th February 2015







Was on a project in Bosnia and Herzegovina last week when I chanced upon this rather sad scene that was ‘lifted’ a little by the delicacy of the snowy conditions.
The old Skoda built steam loco had been abandoned in the goods yard at Oskova, Banovici, near Tuzla.



Dave H





Thursday 22nd January 2015








A freezing fog, together with a sharp frost added a touch of mystery to this scene on Stedham Common, near Midhurst in West Sussex.










Monday 15th December 2014




The shadow of a possible sale hangs over two traders in the camel market at Keren, in Eritrea. The time spent in the age old market was a fascinating highlight during my recent visit to this impoverished country on the Horn of Africa. December 2014.





David H





Monday 17th November 2014



Driving along the backroad, under the Downs, and with the persistent fog slowly dispersing, I chanced on a dramatic patch of sunlight. The tendrils of mist on the hillside gave a tropical forest feel to the scene, but the waterlogged field in the foreground was testament to the reality of a wet autumn in England. The picture of the South Downs at Harting was published in the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph.



David H.





Monday 10th November 2014





They arrive in all shapes and sizes to be photographed. Happily, this one didn’t kick or bite! In fact, I had great pleasure in working with this bronze by equine artist, Shirley Pace. The soft natural lighting has shown the texture to great effect.



David H.






Saturday 4th October 2014







Another month – another cover for the local parish magazine. And for October, a harvest festival theme.


David H









Saturday 13th September 2014






The other evening, I was working my shift on the night Picture Desk of the Daily Mirror, and from our position on the 22nd floor, we saw helicopters flying across the London city sky line. It was an advertising stunt for the new Jaguar car. One helicopter lifted the car across the evening sky shadowed by another carrying the film crew. The timing was perfect and I think we had as good a view as anyone.

David H.






Thursday 7th August 2014






This is from a winter trip to the far west of China. We were dumped off the overnight train at Hami at 6.30 in the morning, and made our
way into town to the welcome sight of a breakfast noodle restaurant in full swing. Outside on the pavement, in the freezing air, the
dumpling makers went about their work amidst clouds of steam. Needless to say, both the noodles and the dumplings were excellent, served
with a fiery chilli sauce.

David H.






Monday 12th May 2014



I had a slightly more unusual commission for the Daily Mirror recently. The subject was Hilary Porter who recounted a lifetime of interacting with aliens – being abducted, and seeing lights in the sky. Now, I make no judgement whatsoever on this, but was lucky on the day of the photography to have dark menacing skies, and even more fortunate that the ‘lights’ appeared for me too . . .in perfect synchronisation with the opening and closing of the shutter.

David H.






Monday 31st March 2014



My exhibition at the Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester has ended, and I was pleased how it gained momentum during the two weeks. It gave me a opportunity to show some work from my most recent trip to China last January. One of the pictures that attracted much attention was ‘The Starlight Special’.
I have long wanted to take a photo of a steam train in ‘full cry’, at night using flashes (strobes). But I also wanted to retain any ambient light, to keep the atmosphere of the location. A full moon at Sandaoling open cast mine seemed a good time and place to try, but it took three evenings to get this. Despite the regular traffic during the day, inexplicably, there was a dearth of trains at night. On the first two nights, going down into the pit at 7pm, armed with a flask of hot coffee, we waited until 11pm before seeing a train! But I wasn’t totally happy with the result. On the third night, it all came together after only an hour. Just as well, as night temperatures were around -20C! Xinjiang Province, western China.


Sunday 9th February 2014





Here’s a poster I’ve just designed for my forthcoming photo exhibition at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. My passion is steam trains, but although the many museum heritage lines around Britain are excellent, it is the real working steam railways that I prefer to document. Sadly, the only country which still uses steam locos is China, and even in that vast country, there are probably only around 150 left. They’ve long since disappeared from the main network, and can only be found in rather less than attractive venues – on open cast coal mines and steel works systems. The harsh Chinese winter guarantees steam exhaust of volcanic proportions. And the people working around these trains make interesting subjects.

So if you’re in the Chichester area, call in and view the show. Admission is free!


David H.







Friday 24th January 2014





It was the start of the Chinese New Year, and outside my hotel
in Fuxin, Lianoning Province, all hell was breaking loose.
A ‘revolution’ was in full progress with long bursts of fire-crackers
and the heavy crump of the bigger fire-works which set off all
the car alarms. It all gives excuse for an electronic extravaganza
of neon – and somewhere in this creation is the symbol
for the coming year – ‘The Horse’.
David H.





Christmas Eve 2013






The River Rother was in full flood, raging past the mill house
at Stedham in West Sussex. Typically, the best viewpoint
is never on dry land, and so it was in this case,
so I waded in, looking for the ‘interesting’ foreground water!


David H.







Sunday, 22nd December, 2013



Another month, and another offering for the parish magazine.

David H.













Monday, 2 December 2013

David Hill photographs Oscar Garcia, Albion FC's new manager on Brighton Seafront





I had just five minutes with Brighton and Hove
Albion FC’s new manager, Oscar Garcia to take
these pictures for a Daily Mirror interview,
published at the weekend.(Nov 30th). Full marks
to Oscar for being prepared to do the shoot
on a dark, very grey Hove seafront.

David H.






Monday, 11 November 2013



Because this blog is in it’s infancy, and because
I’m not (yet) a highly sought photographer dashing
all over the world on commissions, I will often
delve into my extensive archives to find
pictures of interest.

This one goes way back to 1984 in the markets of
Canton (now Guangzhou) in China. The owl has a
riveting gaze, but I can’t decide if it’s an
expression of helplessness, or boldness.
Certainly, the stance is quite defiant.

The language barrier prevented me from knowing
if it was being sold for food, or as a pet,
or even to be used as a rat catcher.

David H.






Friday, 8 November 2013




For two or three years now I’ve volunteered now to provide
the covers for our local parish magazine.

As a Midhurst based photographer I have a rich source of
photographic opportunities to explore from the surrounding
countryside and the South Downs National Park.

The ideas for the first few issues flowed easily, two years on
and I have to dig a little deeper into my imagination.

Here’s this months resulting cover.

David H