Exhibition Thoughts

I have enjoyed showing my work in various exhibitions over the years, venues including Petworth House, Worthing town hall and more usually, the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester.

I have been asked if I might be able to ‘fill in’ at short notice owing to a sudden cancellation. To mount an exhibition in two days concentrates the mind! Luckily, I have a spare room stacked with framed prints ‘ready to go’, but I can never resist resist adding a few pictures from more recent trips. These are the publicity posters I designed for the last two exhibitions.

Sadly, the cost of hiring venues has increased enormously, and it’s not really financially viable anymore.

Shame, as it was good to interact with the visitors and talk about the work. However, I remember my surprise the first time I experienced a youngster enter the gallery, make a tour of the hall, taking every picture on their mobile phone, and leave promptly expressing their thanks. Time for visit – two minutes!