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Amboseli Camping Kenya

This one is from the archives, from my four years of driving up and down the length of Africa. No reason to post it, other than it recalls happy memories when the world seemed a safer place. Back in the early 1970s, the public camping

Magnificent Magnolia

Magnificent magnolia. A springtime scene at the 12th/13th century St Mary’s Church at Bepton in West Sussex. The village sits under the north side of the South Downs. I’d glimpsed the church through the hedge while riding past on my bike, and vowed to return

Turów Power Plant

We were in Saxony, Germany recently to photograph the narrow gauge steam railways still surviving in the Dresden area. While making a (very) early drive into Zittau, a high vantage point gave this dramatic view of the Turów power plant which

Ashes To The Oasis

  Over the years, I’ve made a couple of trips to Mauritania with a dear lady, a widow, who’s husband was buried at an oasis deep in the Sahara. Olwen Haslam’s husband was a first officer on a BOAC airliner that crash

Exhibition Thoughts

I have enjoyed showing my work in various exhibitions over the years, venues including Petworth House, Worthing town hall and more usually, the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. I have been asked if I might be able to 'fill in' at short notice


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